Ethics and Compliance

Message from our CEO:

“In our work and in our lives, always doing the right thing is fundamental. Being clear about our personal and corporate values gives us clarity to make decisions, identify conflict situations, prevent acts that put us or the organization at risk and, above all, have the certainty that we are doing things right.

Telecable has been characterized by encouraging honest work and ethics compliance, both with our collaborators and with our suppliers.

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to establish a framework of behavior applicable to all our collaborators, as well as our clients, agents and/or representatives in general. The fundamental principles that allow us to work in search of the common good are included.

All the members of the organization have the responsibility to carry the name of Telecable up high and maintain the image and reputation that we have built over all these years.

I trust that we all commit to Telecable continuing to grow in a respectful work environment and always seeking to do what is legally correct.

I invite you to carefully read the Code of Ethics, to respect and comply with it, feel free to speak directly with our Compliance Office, who is here to guide you in case of any doubt.

Rodolfo Apéstegui, CEO Telecable.


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Company Values

We do things right the first time. We work in an orderly and consistent manner in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We promote constant knowledge management, both internally and externally, we learn and grow together with our clients.

We are accessible and respond promptly and proactively. We solve in an agile and empathetic way, and we provide the due follow-up. We communicate and support each other between the different areas, fostering a cordial atmosphere and assertive communication.

We value and care for our people. We work with passion and with the shirt on. In accordance with our ethics and compliance program, we promote transparent, ethical, and honest relationships with our collaborators, clients, and allies. Likewise, we are committed to the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the country.

We look for the best technology. We monitor the market and are aware of the latest trends. We implement constant improvements in our processes and equipment. We are a flexible company that manages change positively.

Policies and Regulations

Channels of Inquiries and/or Complaints
about the Corporate Compliance Program

External consultation line 4080-4064
Confidential internal consultation line 8080

Identified inquiry and complaint mailboxes located in our facilities to help you with your request.

Corporate Telecable